1:- Only 3 registration with mobile verification will be completely free from a description.You will get Rs 200 registration bonus free in E-pin wallet.

2:- After submitting your personal information immediately after the entry into your id, activate the id with only a pin of Rs 200 and only then will get the opportunity to donate 500 rupees.

3:- After donating Rs 500, you will be given a donation at any time of 1000 rupees.

4:- After accepting the donation of 1000 rupees, any needy will have to re-donate 1000 rupees at any time.

5:- As soon as you donate Rs 1000, you will be get donation Rs 2500 from any donor at any time.

6:- After accepting a donation of 2500 rupees any time will be donate 2000 rupees to any needy by you .

7:- Now last cycle you will receive donation of 3000 rupees and then give help Rs 2000,get help Rs 3000 again and again lifetime.

Give help Get help Profit
500 1000 500
1000 2500 1500
2000 3000 1000     This will be continued always…

8:- Direct income 5% repeated,And after 10 direct sponsored 1% upto 2-50 levels,After 20 direct sponsored 2% upto 51-100 Levels.

9:- Link will be fully automatically multiple of 500/- and working income can withdraw or create E-pin also.

10:- Working income will be divided 50:50 in the E-pin wallet and Fund wallet.

11:- Link rejection time after 36 Hrs, rejected link will be first priority and rejected id will be blocked permanently.

12:- Link time 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM auto mode Monday to Friday .If any holiday or link closed date will be announced pre or same date.

13:- Donation sources are Inr, Btc, Paytm etc.

14:- For more new updations please see website Latest News Panel.

15:- First link of 500 failure E-pin created or last time E-pin present id will be blocked so be carefull to sell your E-pin.